Motherhood Reimagined®: creator Sarah Kowalski On How deciding to Be an individual Mom Doesn’t Mean the conclusion matchmaking

The small variation: Sarah Kowalski was at her early 40s when she found herself without a partner and yearning to possess the joy of elevating a kid. Determined to produce the girl dream a reality, she embarked on a mission to become one mom through sperm contribution. Following the delivery of the woman child, Sarah understood she may help women in similar conditions navigate pathways to becoming parents, so she started Motherhood Reimagined. Her objective would be to guide aspiring unmarried moms about steps necessary to have a child when confronted with virility issues, or decreased a partner, and gives mental assistance as you go along. As an online community, help group, and coaching solution rolled into one, remembers all pathways to motherhood while assisting ladies come to the realization that becoming a parent does not mean the end of their unique dating lives.


Motherhood Reimagined Founder Sarah Kowalski had completed every thing by the publication. She was a successful business litigator by get older 30 and always understood she desired to have young ones of her very own, but life seemed to block off the road of that fantasy.

“Somewhere between my personal rocket-speed profession and jet-setting single life, I’d entirely lost my resolve to have young children,” she blogged inside her memoir.

Not long into the woman job, Sarah was identified as having a repetitive tension harm (referred to as work-related upper limb condition) and persistent weakness. She kept her legislation job and sought choice therapies, including Feldenkrais and Qigong, that are both devoted to aware action. When she reached her later part of the 30s, she was being employed as a somatic life mentor helping individuals in government leadership change their particular career paths.

Round the exact same time, Sarah’s Qigong coach provided an essential question.

“Have you seriously considered if need children?” he asked Sarah.

Through self-exploration and a recognition that the woman age had been putting some question of kids a top priority, Sarah understood the answer ended up being certainly. One issue, roughly she thought, ended up being that she had been single.

“When my teacher requested me personally that question, it ended me personally during my monitors,” she said. “My teacher assisted myself understand some things I’dn’t seriously considered. I could get pregnant with somebody in which he could keep a day later or get hit by a bus; there isn’t any promise around any type of course. It had been an important paradigm move in my situation.”

Without searching back, Sarah opted for motherhood and today provides an attractive, adoring three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Along the woman individual quest to presenting a child on the very own, she wrote the woman memoir and started Motherhood Reimagined, an online area, support party, and mentoring service honoring all routes to motherhood.

Just one mama by choice, virility doula, life advisor, and writer, Sarah is actually a motivation — especially when considering internet dating — for tens of thousands of women all around the globe navigating their particular personal routes to motherhood.

“As an individual mother, I have lots of time limitations and that I desire to protect my kid.  When In my opinion about matchmaking, I feel like my filter for determining who’s good-for myself is actually honed and laser sharp,” she said. “I think it creates dating structured. I’m not keen on the theif like I had previously been. I’m so obvious about finding a great man.”

Determine the right path to Motherhood Through Self-Exploration

Deciding whether or not to have an infant is one of the most challenging decisions anyone is going to make within their life time. And deliberately choosing to become just one mother can present more challenges and challenges. Without someone to jump ideas down, the trail to unmarried motherhood can seem to be like a lonely one.

On the internet site, Sarah says to visitors to appear inwards and get on their own what is on the line in unmarried motherhood. She understands most females have actually imagined from a young age of being a mommy, While she wants to make sure audience think about the economic, psychological, and logistical ramifications of becoming a single mother, she doesn’t want those issues to completely overshadow their factors.

“I think there are plenty of misunderstandings and casual sex chatter that occurs when you are attempting to make this choice,” she mentioned. “i believe —on some level — expecting is certainly not a rational option. If you were to think about it with your rational head, it’s very easy to say, ‘No, I don’t might like to do it.'”

She said she assists women detect the clearness from the chatter so they are able tap into their unique individual wisdom.

With many facets of motherhood to ponder, Sarah works both private with sets of prospective mothers to help them to their paths to self-discovery. It really is a quest she took herself and entails exploring issues, restricting beliefs, and presumptions, while considering not in the field for how to generate unmarried motherhood experience obtainable.

“While I discovered that I wanted having a child no matter what, I knew I’d a choice which will make — either frantically go out and attempt to find you to definitely have a baby with or get it done alone,” she said. “I attempted a last-ditch effort at matchmaking but recognized that there was actually an excessive amount of frustration during my search. So I made a decision to place discovering someone regarding the back-burner and follow motherhood without any help.”

Sources on Topics From group strengthening to solitary Parent Dating

Once a female has elected unmarried motherhood, you can find numerous decisions she’ll need to make and subject areas she will have to analysis. Motherhood Reimagined has been doing a large amount of the task for aspiring moms by compiling a huge cache of online language resources together with a preview of Sarah’s book, “Motherhood Reimagined: whenever getting A Mother Doesn’t Go As organized.”

“we started creating a novel partly because I happened to be handling countless all about my own,” she stated, “and also because I felt like I had a note I wanted to inform others through personal story.”

Motherhood Reimagined additionally offers an important rundown of online learning resources, including sites and social systems such as for example (Strengthening Solo Mothers Every-where),, and, where Sarah writes websites. On these systems, she actually is covered subjects such as “8 explanations Being one Mom in fact enables you to Better at Dating” and “5 Questions just before give up Matrimony and possess a child by yourself.”

Sarah in addition lists some other methods, like the kids book “that is Picking myself upwards?” that can help young ones recognize that people are offered in numerous shapes, dimensions, and colours.

“there is my contacting,” she stated. “It seems great to assist ladies feel motivated and decide that there is no body method to become a mother. We can shift the notion of just what family is actually and figure out what is perfect for all of us while assisting females making use of the think of motherhood. This really is powerful.”

Delivering One-on-One training & Support each step associated with the Way

There are numerous various ways a lady will get pregnant whenever she chooses solitary motherhood, including sperm contribution, egg contribution, surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting, and donor-conceived kids. Sarah’s signature programs are a three-month on the web course and mentoring program for females that happen to be wanting to decide whether or not to set about solitary motherhood, and a support class for women who happen to be considering choice pathways to motherhood for example egg donation or adoption.

“I experienced most virility dilemmas,” she mentioned. “Many women lay out on a path to be mothers after which understand it could perhaps not simply take profile how they anticipated. Everyone loves assisting ladies comprehend their own course. Its a big love of mine.”

Sara’s coaching products had been built to help females through every period of motherhood. Additional services Sarah offers via Motherhood Reimagined include a Solo Mom Pregnancy Support cluster and Childbirth degree Classes for unmarried mothers also family members building and virility doula training and advice in a number of topics covering many techniques from psychological factors to sperm contribution and also in vitro fertilization.

“As I determined that I wanted to own a child on my own, it simply sort of clicked into location that this was the job i desired to complete,” she stated. “used to do plenty introspection while making my personal decision that I thought called to aid some other ladies on this path and applied what I were undertaking in management coaching and career mentoring.”

Sarah Inspires ladies to get it done All

Sarah learned much from her trip to becoming just one mother, along with her you-can-have-it-all philosophy has aided lots and lots of ladies understand their unique motherhood ambitions. For Sarah, Motherhood Reimagined is all about providing help and consulting services that enjoy all routes to motherhood.

“The women i am aware that single moms are incredible powerhouses; they take action, in addition they hold on a minute collectively. They are doing every thing, as well as get it done gracefully,” she said. “i recently like seeing that.”

With a successful business with a bright future, Sarah has actually started to start the entranceway to a different period of the woman existence — matchmaking as just one mother.

“I’m truly excited with having children by myself, and that I’m just starting to remember dating now that he’s a little bit earlier,” she said. “I haven’t had many extra time and money becoming dating, but I’m getting into that realm once again. As I very first seriously considered becoming a single mom via sperm donor, we thought I had to determine between having a baby and finding someone, immediately after which â€” out of the blue â€” I discovered it was not an either-or. I happened to be merely prioritizing an infant before the companion since I have was actually not having enough time.”